The Simple Man

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The Simple Man


God creates a special person

That He calls the simple man

And this person spreads great joy

Like no other one person can.


The simple man on earth

Holds traits not special or rare

But he shows abundant light

For all those in his care.


Hes a man to boast little

With no great riches or fame

But to those lucky to be near him

Their lives are never the same.


He may be a fisherman or carpenter

Or make sweet dandelion wine

And he always possesses a trait

That makes him quite divine.


The divine simple man trait

That is so very dear

I the love of wife and family

That he holds ever so near.


He provides when they are in need

Holds them when they are weak

And he loves unconditionally

No matter what avenue they seek.


And when the Lord feels it is time

The simple man will answer His call

But all those who loved him know

He was simply the finest simple man of all.


 In loving memory of the finest simple man, Victor Plassenthal 2/14/02                By: Molly Donohoo


Copyright 1999-2006, John R. Plassenthal