Up The Simple Man The Flag WW II

Tech. Sergeant 

Victor R. Plassenthal

United States Army Air Corps


In May 1944, Grandpa left for England to serve his country during World War II.  It took 12 days to get there, since he had to travel by boat.  It was the largest convoy of soldiers that went to England from the US during the War.  It took 12 days because they had to zig-zag to avoid the German submarines or U-boats as they were called.

Grandpa was stationed in Wattisham, England.  He served as a Crew Chief for the 434th Fighter Squadron in the 479th Fighter Group of the 8th Air Force.  Grandpa’s job was to repair and maintain the P-38 Lightning and later the P-51 Mustang fighter planes.

Grandpa’s commander, Col. Jeffreys, was the first pilot to shoot down a jet aircraft in his P-38.  Once this happened, the Germans would not engage the P-38.  So the P-38’s were sent to the South Pacific to fight the Japanese, and were replaced with P-51’s.  

Grandpa kept the fighter planes in shape, so that the pilots could help the Allied Forces defeat the Axis Powers in the skies above France.  After the Victory in Europe, Grandpa left England by ship in September of 1945.  Since the War was now over, he was Honorably Discharged on October 31, 1945.


Up The Simple Man The Flag WW II


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